What’s the advantage and security offered by EasyDose?

So you have a prescription from your doctor, and you take it to your trusted pharmacist, bring home the bottle of pills then think no more about them…right? After all, that is what most of us do. However, there are many variables you likely don’t think about on a regular basis regarding your medication.

What if your pill bottle gets broken, do you know how many pills are left? What should have been in the bottle in the first place, and how do you know you took all of the prescriptions?

Is there a chance the pharmacist put the wrong number of pills in the bottle? If they have made an accidental error this can affect the outcome of your prescription.

How many times during the day have you handled your pills, and did you wash your hands before taking out a pill or pills? Most people dump a handful of pills not their hand, remove the amount they need and put the rest back, think contamination over the entire time it takes to finish the prescription bottle.

If your medication is stored in an open location such as a bathroom cupboard or countertop, how secure are they from anyone else taking them or touching them?

Bottles of pills are commonplace but think about a better option. With the EasyDose system, your medication is organized in a secure container and organized using days of the week and time-of-day (morning, daytime and evening), so there is no worry about knowing what to take and when to take it. EasyDose is organized and will help you get the maximum benefits out of your medication with the least amount of possible side-effects or drug interactions.

Take the worry away, contact EasyDose at 403-452-6013 to learn how you can simplify your medication experience.

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