EasyDose: Hygienic Pill Organization

Welcome to EasyDose, the new hygienic way to take and organize your medication! With the EasyDose system, your medication pouches are automatically filled and no human hands touch your pills. Every single pouch has the name of the medication, strength and instructions on it, so you know exactly what you’re taking.

Taking daily or timed weekly medication of any sort is a reality for many of us. It can be easy to miss or mix up medication when taking two pills a day at different times during the day/week. Questions like “How did my doctor tell me to take the pills, with or without food or drink?”, “How many pills do I take?”, “Can the children/grandchildren reach the medicine?” Begin to cloud your mind. The most worrisome question you ask yourself is “Did I take my medication?”. The professional knowledgeable pharmacists at EasyDose have developed a simple and effective solution.

Once you have provided all information to our pharmacist, they take over the next stage for you. No more standing in line or waiting around for prescriptions to be filled! EasyDose will organize your medication and package them correctly and hygienically without ever touching the pills. This process entirely removes the concern of contamination for you. Each pill package will have the correct information clearly noted on the label; what is the medication, how many are to be taken, when are they to be taken, all in one a neat package. EasyDose has packages for each period of the day the prescription is to be taken, with only the tablets for that time in the package. Using this informative organized method, determining if the medication has been taken or not is simple.

Your pills are organized and ready for you to take, and there are no bottles to put in the medicine cabinet which might attract children. With EasyDose, the medication is not visible to curious children and is in a container you can store away from their notice. EasyDose becomes part of your health care system by having your prescriptions ready for you as your doctor intended. No standing in lines as your pharmacist knows when you will need the next set of pills. You can then pick the prescription up or have them delivered.
Take the worry away, contact EasyDose at 403-452-6013 to learn how you can simplify your medication experience.

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