How EasyDose Works

EasyDose creates packets for your pills. Each labelled with correct information – when to take each package, what they contain, how to take the medication. The medication is separately packaged in small bags for each dosage. No contamination. No touching until you are ready to take the pills. Medication placed in organized packages helps you track your pills. Did you take them or not? EasyDose takes the guesswork out of medicating, so you can easily see if you have taken your pills. An EasyDose pharmacist who manages the packaging of your medicine has taken the worry of sorting and counting pills away. This is an automated process –no human touching. Because your medication is contained, no other person can see or touch your medicine, giving you peace of mind, safety and security.
Medicine management is not an easy task, particularly for individuals who have to manage several pills a day. It can be a worry and nuisance for yourself and your family. When managed with EasyDose, your medicating process is simple, hygienic and efficient. Contact us – 403-452-6013. We are here to provide an alternative.

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