How does EasyDose Work?

EasyDose creates packets for your pills. Each labelled with correct information – when to take each package, what they contain, how to take the medication.
How does EasyDose Work

How do I get EasyDose?

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Step 1

Select Your Pharmacy

EasyDose is available at both Macleod trail Pharmacy and International Avenue Pharmacy.
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Step 2

Provide your Prescription

You can send your prescription to the pharmacy via telephone, fax, email, or visiting in-person.
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Step 3

Organize Your Meds

Our pharmacists will arrange and make all the necessary modifications to ensure you get optimal medication therapy
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Step 4

Choose Pick Up Or Delivery

You can choose pick-up at the pharmacy or delivered to your home.

Have any questions about EasyDose?

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our EasyDose system. Read through our frequently asked questions, or get in contact with us to learn more about switching to EasyDose!
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