EasyDose The Easiest Way to Take your Medications. With the EasyDose system, we offer peace of mind to the greater Calgary area with a new, revolutionary method of no-touch medicating. The EasyDose medication system is simple to use, effective, and virtually eliminates the possibility of forgetting or mixing up your daily dose. Scroll Down Book a Covid-19 Vaccination

How Do I Get EasyDose?

The EasyDose system is available as a free prescription medication service to anyone living in Calgary and its surrounding communities.
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Step 1

Select Your Pharmacy

EasyDose is available at both Macleod trail Pharmacy and International Avenue Pharmacy.
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Step 2

Provide your Prescription

You can send your prescription to the pharmacy via telephone, fax, email, or visiting in-person.
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Step 3

Organize Your Meds

Our pharmacists will arrange and make all the necessary modifications to ensure you get optimal medication therapy
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Step 4

Choose Pick Up Or Delivery

You can choose pick-up at the pharmacy or delivered to your home.
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Get organized with EasyDose

Each pill package will have the correct information clearly noted on the label; what is the medication, how many are to be taken, when are they to be taken, all in one sanitary and convenient package.
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Why Use

With the EasyDose system, your medication is separated into each individual dose and organized by date and time. Our machines dispense the pills directly into the individual bags, so your medication is never touched by human hands.
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Welcome to EasyDose, the new hygienic way to take and organize your medication! With the EasyDose system, your medication pouches are automatically filled and no human hands touch your pills. Every single pouch ...

How EasyDose Works

EasyDose creates packets for your pills. Each labelled with correct information – when to take each package, what they contain, how to take the medication. The medication is separately packaged in small bags f...

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Accurate and Flexible Packaging

Never Forget a Dose

With the EasyDose system, there is no need to worry if you or a loved one has forgotten to take life-saving medication, or has accidentally mixed up prescriptions. We help remove the guesswork, so you can sleep easy knowing that the proper prescription medication, and the correct amount, has been taken each day.

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